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Welcome to Urban Fabric Accommodation

We provide modern living solutions for singles
and couples in properties near Fremantle, Western Australia.

First of all, we take pride in a range of clean and comfortable rental options, from furnished rooms to apartments.
We have simple rental arrangements, because we like making it easy to apply, move in quickly and stay for the short (3 month minimum) or long-term (aka forever).

Our accommodation starts from just $160 per week. We have modern commercial grade kitchens and bathrooms, with various, peaceful indoor and outdoor living spaces to enjoy.

We have flexible payment options. Most noteworthy is that some of our residents have relocated within Urban Fabric properties as they like the ethos and community environment we are committed to.

We pride ourselves in the care and service we provide, your utility and wi-fi costs are typically included in your rent, keeping your living expenses low means we probably make this the ideal place to live and play. (For that reason, we may also be a bit bias)

We can cater to a variety of situations, and for that reason – why not call us now to discuss?

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